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  1. Alison..i had to come and tell you as i am so excited!! I remember reading about the book simple abundance on your blog..i must admit that although it is on my amazon wishlist i hadn't got it as i didn't want to spend on a book that i'm not sure if i would like (i kept meaning to go into a book store to have a flick through first) well yesterday whilst browsing my local charity shops (none that are normally very good round my way i'm afraid) my eye caught a lone book, facing front cover outwards….it was the book!! for £2!! i grabbed it, flicked through and bought….i was up late reading through….oh my goodness it is just what i need…thank you for bringing it to my attention!! xx

    1. Oh Honey Pie, you are so welcome!! Nothing thrills my heart more than introducing another woman after my own heart to the joy that is Simple Abundance. I'm so glad serendipity brought Sarah Ban Breathnach your way. Enjoy!x

  2. Oh this is just utterly wonderful! The bliss and befuddled pride on his face as he leaves the house made my heart melt ~ although I do hope they picked up the 'protection' off the floor themselves!
    I'm going to share this on my FB page in the hope that others will realize the aphrodisiac side-effects of vintage housekeeping!
    Bliss-ings, dahling
    the goddess known as Jacqui

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