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  1. Follow your dream, carve a space for it in daily life……….even if it is just thinking about it to keep it nourished. I have had one teeny story published. I felt like a queen and still treasure running my finger along MY name and knowing I shared that piece of my heart with the world. I have so many other stories screaming to get out, but like yourself, I allow self doubt or other things to get in my way. But, maybe one day, the words will pour out and I will feel as if I can finally breathe. In the mean time, I keep those stories and dreams alive by visiting them regularly and letting them know I have not forgotten them and never will…..

  2. Well, never forget that a writer writes at least twice and probably many more times. She writes first with her heart as she imagines or lives through the tale or piece; she writes with her head and in it as she articulates the ideas and dreams and concepts, plots, and what not… and then many times she writes and edits little pieces that finally come together like quicksilver into the published work. In my "book" you are already published, already a writer extraordinaire, and I would wager a shiny coin you will have your dream to hold in your hand very soon… whatever you want, you will obtain… I believe that for you, Alison.
    Hugs… G.

  3. Alison, let me tell you a little story and I am a stinky writer and horrible at grammar, but this may help you and yes, it is true.
    There was this lady, she had a great natural talent. Natural talent happens and follows you whether you like it or not and it will keep you up at night. She was an amazing artist. Probably, well, I know she could have been great, she can do any thing, paint, sew, design, draw, clay, you name it. People who do know her are amazed that she doesn't do something more with her talent. Yeah she does some to make a little money that will pay the bills, but if you ask her why she did take up an offer or seize the opportunity. She will say I don't know. When we talk about our dreams hers alway begins or ends with -I wish I had or I think I'd like to had, but I don't see why she can't now. Just because she is 56 doesn't mean you can't. I don't see why she didn't then, it was and still is her dream. Alison, it still keeps my mom up at nights but now with regrets. If only she had tried it & done it, didn't have to turn into a huge thing, just the joy and creative outlet she needed and dreamed of doing.
    So, Alison what do you want to be dreaming about and feeling, if time last 30 years from now?

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