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  1. Nothing happens by just watching movies and sipping on tea all day does it? I wish, for that would be the route I would go. I am so guilty of putting off the things that are better because of the work that needs to be done to get there. This is a beautiful reminder that life is short and precious and that paying it forward reaps benefits.

  2. Your words are so true. There is no easy way to live a full, vibrant, loving life without putting in the time and the effort to make it so. And the beauty of life is that you can make it the life you want it to be. Thank you for the lovely way you tell us these important things….all to make our life and world better.

  3. Always relate to you do much. 14 schools home /abroad so missed basics of maths and never got it back. Garments half finished in domestic science, moved again just ahead of the Gideon bible !

  4. Wow! This is, hands down, the BEST article I have ever read from you (I may have missed a few). You have nailed it from so many directions that it will take me reading it several times to glean all that I can from it… and I suspect, even then, I will reread it at a later date, and glean even more. Thank You so very much!

  5. The key I think is to never give up, never give up trying for your dreams, you will fall and then it is time to pick yourself up and start again. Along the way there are a myriad small wonders and joys and it is so worth the journey, the good the bad and everything in between. Life is precious. our dreams and desires are precious, and the only way to hope to attain them is as you Alison say, by working and choosing to try and make them happen. Social media has its place in our world, but we must never let it take over, we lose so much when we do that.

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