Eight Go To Camp!


All Set and Ready To Go!

Those concerned: Angela Beck, Jennifer Houfton, Josephine Riley, Angela Grey, Valerie Morris, Tessa Malkin, Jessica Harrison…

Having loaded up with tents, pots and pans and an ample supply of food- not to mention ruc sacks, cases and an emergency store of biscuits, gum, sweets, and cherries to sustain us on the journey – at 2.20 (approx!) on July 14th, 1950, we left Broadgate by lorry, and after many a wrong turning we eventually reached Fenton…


Having arrived we get down to pitching the tent and eating…


While Jennifer gives us a demonstration of table-manners- camp version!!



Running Repairs!


Waking up is a slow process and getting up even slower!


Ellas ices- definitely beyond comparison!


A scene that requires no explanation…


And last moments that speak for themselves of a memorable weekend!!

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