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  1. Oh you poor thing Alison! It sounds like you've been having a terrible time, although you wrote about it in such an amusing way that I couldn't help having a giggle. Best wishes for your recovery xxx

  2. Oh My Lordy Lord! did your oven get wet? how awful and now I imagine you have the Godawful task of getting quotes etc for the insurance company,and poor you taking a tumble! Hope all is ship shape very soon xx

  3. Oh, how awful. It's amazing how misfortune seems to come in big fat glops, isn't it? I had one of those weeks myself pretty recently. I'm so sorry about your poor foot and your kitchen!

  4. Oh Alison you poor thing! Rest, rest, rest and recover, both you and your house. Sending you virtual hugs. xxx

  5. Oh how awful. I sympathise. Having just missed a step in my home and ending up with a broken ankle, I know how you're feeling. Phone calls to services had them mostly saying 'at your age' .. as if I'm ancient. Treat yourself kindly and think 'this too will pass'.

  6. Darling! My hubby amuses me by telling me that life seems to kick our ass in threes – count your three, then, rest assured it’s over ’til next time.

  7. How dreadful! You poor thing! Wishing you all the best from across the pond. Rest up and heal. You and your home will be well soon. If it’s any consolation, your site is helping me recoup from my own pathetic day. Your words bring a ray of light into the hearts of many! Keep your chin up.

  8. Brace up lady…that which does not kill us only makes us stronger…there, don't you feel better already..? If that doesn't work there's always alcohol…

  9. Oh, no! I fell down our stairs two days before Christmas, and my knee is only now feeling somewhat like normal (x-ray and MRI!!). It’s nothing like my falls of the 80s-90s (what can I say~ I had a clumsy few years at one point!). I truly feel for you. Hugs & get well soon! 

  10. Wow! You really do it up right don't you. I hope you're feeling better by now and that the sun is shining again. I am actually starting to see a little spring here. It's a lot too early and it's a litle scary. I hope we don't freeze off all the fruit tree buds with this early warm and sunshine. I see I have snowdrops in bloom in my backyard this morning. I need a new door mat… I'll try not to slip on it. Hope you get better soon. Love, Amanda

  11. Oh no Alison! Do rest up you poor dear. What a ghastly conflagration of misfortunes. I must admit we had a house like it. We did. How we loved it! How it ate us. We fixed it up so as not to get bad karma and sold it. Have a modern flat instead, but you know, it's like a box. You can furnish as you will.
    I must have offended the Fates anyhow as I first damaged my ribs, then a disc in the spine, and no physios for a fortnight over the festive break, barely got fixed, my little one back in pre-school where there are three nasty bugs, one of them real influenza. Got one, got bronchitis, then got the gastro one and now have influenza. I wonder if garlic around the neck will work. The influenza was also caught by my four year old daughter, but she got better faster, and by my husband who had been vaccinated for work. The doctor said it was a milder case. Mild influenza. Now that doesn't exist.
    Here's hoping Spring restores our fortunes. And your kitchen.

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