Daily To-Do List

1. Launder all white linen from start to put away. (Even if you haven’t got the time or energy to iron!)

2. Empty the fridge, remove and clean detachable parts and wipe down the walls.

3. Assess what food is still fresh, throw away what isn’t and make meal plans based on what is available.

4. Wipe down the inside of the microwave, wash spinning plate and then set the microwave on high with a bowl of water and lemon slices inside for a few minutes to freshen.

5. Fill the kettle with one part water and one part white vinegar, then boil to clean. Allow to sit for twenty minutes, then pour and rinse a few times. Re-boil the kettle a few times thereafter.

6. Scrub the kitchen sink until it shines.

7. Brush, vacuum and mop the kitchen floor with something zesty.

8. Update your BrocanteHome LifeBook.

Today’s Puttery Treat

At this time of year, the effects of a Winter spent indoors can truly begin to tell on us: with both drying skin and what can feel like a relentlessly stuffy atmosphere.

While old traditions like opening windows daily and placing a pretty saucer topped up with water near radiators can help, there is also Nature’s very own little pot of botanical medicine: the Boston Fern.

Known to have air-cleaning properties, the Boston Fern also rather magically boosts humidity in any room it cares to grace with its presence, and thus makes for a rather lovely, sprawling humidifier.

Cheap as chips in terms of houseplants, this fern is a lovely way to both add decorative elements the eye will be drawn to in whatever pot you choose to plant it in, while affordable enough to buy in needful abundance according to how dry the air in your home is.

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