Friday 4th March – Kitchen Sink Hand-Cream

Your Daily Tasks

1. Launder cushion covers, throws and blankets.

2. Organise bathroom linen closet and spritz with lavender.

3. Change towels, hand-towels, flannels and sponges in all bathrooms and top up hand-soap.

4. Water and feed all houseplants

5. Get into the garden and have a little putter if weather allows.

6. Inspect garden tools for the season ahead and organise the greenhouse or potting shed.

7. Make seed and bulb planting plans.

8. Write a real pen and paper letter to someone you love.

9. Do a body scan meditation at bedtime.

Routine Tasks

1. Change tea-towels in the kitchen.

2. Make beds.

3. Empty and refill dishwasher.

4. Scrub and spritz the loo.

5. Light candles.

Your Daily Treat…

I don’t look after my hands. Not only do I nibble my nails, but I also have an aversion to rubber gloves and thus, after a couple of hours of housework, more often than not my hands are both lavender scented and as wrinkly as if I’d spent many an hour in the bath…

And so in an effort to remind me to look after my hands, I have created today’s Puttery Treat in my own honour and I do hope you don’t mind!

Rosewater Hand Cream


1/4 Cup of Beeswax

1/4 Cup of Almond Oil

1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup of Rosewater

6 Drops of Rose Oil


Use a Bain Marie to melt the beeswax, then stir in the almond and coconut oils, until thoroughly mixed. Add the rose oil drop by drop, then stir in the rosewater until smooth.
Pour into your pots while still warm and allow to cool and thicken.

This makes the simplest, most old fashioned of hand creams but the same effect can be achieved by stirring rosewater and rose oil into shop-bought un-perfumed hand cream.

Decant your cream into little lidded pots (I am using a Bonne Mamam gingham topped jam jar with my own label in the kitchen), and place wherever there is a sink.
It seems to me that the very presence of hand-cream at each sink will be reminder enough to look after our hands…

P.S: for the sheer indulgent treat-iness of it, stand the pot in hot water while you go about your housekeeper-ly business, then come back and scoop the warm cream into your hands. Scrumptious!

Beauty treatments at the kitchen sink. What more could a girl ask for?

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