Friday Focus

Domestic Focus: Shopping

On Friday’s make an effort to get the freezer, fridge and pantry organised before confirming shopping lists and heading out to the deli, farm, local stores or supermarket. (While internet shopping is useful, getting out into your own community matters doesn’t it?). Try to shop for everything you need for the next seven days where your budget allows and then take your abundance of fresh produce home and spend a happy hour organising the kitchen, prepping meals for the weekend and feeling gratitude for the privilege of good nutrition for you and yours.

Organised Focus: Planning

Over today and the weekend ahead bring your focus to planning what can be achieved domestically, confirming plans for events, travel, holidays and celebrations, making decisions about home improvements, organising school and work commitments and generally tune in to what needs to be done without the hustle and bustle of weekday life.

Personal Focus: Reading

Finally on Fridays, (and hopefully the weekend ahead!) indulge yourself with all the reading you have been stashing… the library books, magazines and lovely blog posts. Make filling your head with other worlds, new ideas and different ways of thinking.your priority when your finally find time to relax, because nothing else inspires authentic growth in quite the same way… 


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  1. Kelly says:

    Good morning Alison 🌞
    Your freshened website is coming along so beautifully! I love the daily focus and how easy it is to pop on to whichever one I want. The graphics, the way it’s organized, everything about it is lovely! 🌸🌸🌸 I haven’t been on your website much since Mightyworks and I can see I’m missing the simple beauty of it. Hope you have a faerie dust moment or two in your day today! Hugs, love and light your way,

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