Monday 7th March – Frilly, Floppy Tulips

Your Daily Tasks.

1. Launder all white linen from start to put away.

2. Open windows in every room for at least half an hour (Pop a cardigan on if your are cold!)

3. Do a speedy, no dithering declutter throughout the whole house, bin-bag in hand.

4. Sweep, vacuum and mop porch, hallway and landing.

5. Vacuum through main living spaces downstairs.

6. Turn the music on and give the kitchen a top-to-bottoming.

7. Freshen the air in the living room by diffusing a blend of happy oils.

8. Sit down and update your Life-Book.

9. Get into bed early with a cup of chamomile and a cozy book.

Routine Tasks

1. Change tea-towels in the kitchen.

2. Make beds.

3. Empty and refill dishwasher.

4. Scrub and spritz the loo.

5. Light candles.

Your Daily Treat…

Nothing thrills my heart more than a bowl full of frilly floppy tulips and now with the season in full swing, my local farm is blooming with a hundred and one varieties, bowing their dainty little heads at me and tempting me to blow the food budget on filling the entire house with tulips in every hue…

But aside from the sheer scrumptiousness of arranging a bunch or three of tulips, there are medicinal benefits to having these gorgeous flowers in the house and far be it from me to prevent you improving the health of you and yours!

You see the tulip is really rather excellent at improving the air quality in your home. It banishes formaldehyde (found in the glues and resins used in your flooring furniture), xylene (found in computer VDU screens, solvents, paint and wall-coverings) and ammonia: which in my book gives me every excuse to throw a bunch of tulips into my basket every time I find myself out shopping for the most humdrum of groceries…

As if I needed an excuse!

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