Thursday Focus

Domestic Focus: Cleaning + Puttering

Begin Thursday morning with a bucket of soapy water and a few cloths and swipe over as much as you can. Anywhere and everywhere. Get the mop out, and follow with the vacuum before quietly wandering in and out of each room with polish and duster, puttering each room into prettiness as you go. Today then is about refreshing your whole space, not just for hygiene but for the sake of delighting the eye too.

Organised Focus: Organising

Today, then is also a good day to notice what needs organising. For adding your organisational to-do’s to your Big List, Gather donations for charity, stack piles for recycling, and pop anything still worthy of gifting in to your gift drawer. Top up your comfort drawer, make shopping lists for tomorrow, confirm plans for the weekend and try to end the day feeling that life is just that little bit better than it was this morning.

Personal Focus: Silence

Finally on Thursday, be deliberate about seeking time alone to enjoy even fifteen minutes silence. Get up earlier than the rest of the house, or sneak off to bed as early as can be so that you can, for just a while, enjoy your own company in a house that glows with gratitude for your efforts today. Meditate, do some quiet yoga, take a proper bath or simply sit…


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