Thursday To-Do’s: Easter Traditions

1. Launder shower curtains, bath mats, flannels and sponges.

2. Change hand towels, top-up hand-soap and declutter bathroom surfaces.

3. De-grease and polish bathroom mirrors.

4. Mop bathroom and toilet floors.

5. Add tea-tree and lemon oil to an oil burner and leave to freshen the bathroom. 

6. Disinfect all doors, knobs, handles, remote controls and mobile phones.

7. Polish stair rails and porch and hallway furniture so the house smells fresh.

8. Bake something pretty for Easter weekend.  

9. Paint your toe nails in something joyfully pastel.

Your Daily Treat…

You know I am not a lover of the kind of seasonal decoration that wears out the celebration long before the big day arrives, which is why it isn’t until this afternoon that I have created quite the loveliest Easter display in the front window of the house.

Today you see is Easter Tree day in my world: the day I came home carrying an armful of daffodils which I have arranged with short lengths of curly willow, a handful of the earthiest green moss you can imagine, a collection of ribbon strung eggs and a mile of yellow gingham ribbon…

This is as much about the ritual as it is about the tree.

Today start an Easter tradition all of your own. While Christmas is abundant in ritual, Easter coming as it does at the front of a much longed for Spring, often seems to take us by surprise, which is why the annual decoration of an Easter tree is so important if we are to focus on quiet celebration, gratitude, and a sense of renewal all the token imagery of a traditional Easter conjures up inside young and old alike. 

Easter doesn’t have to be lost in chocolate you know…

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