Tuesday 1st March – Blanket Hugs

Your Daily Tasks

1. Launder all coloured laundry from wash to put away.

2. Grab a pen and paper and walk around the house making a list of all the little somethings that need doing over the season ahead.

3. Get into the garden and sweep all paths and clear drains.

4. Bicarb all mugs and teacups that have been stained by tea and coffee and leave to soak.

5. Sweep and mop the kitchen and laundry room floors.

6. Chuck all veg on the turn into the slow cooker for a simple and nutritious soup you can freeze for daily lunches.

7. Vacuum hallways and main thoroughfare downstairs.

8. Set the diffuser going with a Springtime-Cosy blend of rose, lemon and a drop of cedar.

9. Massage your face with rose oil after a hearty cleanse.

Routine Tasks

1. Change tea-towels in the kitchen.

2. Make beds.

3. Empty and refill dishwasher.

4. Scrub and spritz the loo.

5. Light candles.

Your Daily Treat…

I feel a bit sniffly today. Hot and bothered and a little bit sorry for myself. On nights like this I raid my comfort drawer and take from within its depths my favourite blanket: the red, fleecy, nubbly old blanket that smells of me, and all the tears I have cried into it over the years. My very own comfort blanket.

Today choose a blanket of your own. Steal the cosiest one in the house and hand-wash in something divine, then dry it and gently press it smooth… Not all of us are over-fond of adding proprietary fabric conditioner to our washing machine loads, but we would still enjoy a little of the softness it can offer, because only the maddest of people enjoy a scratchy towel!

Stash it where no-one else will find it and leave it there until the day comes when you need the kind of cosy hug no-one else on earth can provide: think of it as hugging yourself, wrapping yourself up in something snuggly and just for a little while wallowing in your own sniffly sorrow.

We all need a hug occasionally don’t we?

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