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Domestic Focus: Tidying

On Tuesdays, choose to do everything you can to make the house as tidy as you can in whatever time you have available. Focus first on tidying, BEFORE cleaning so that you sense overall organisation before you get your rubber gloves on. Empty bins, make beds, tackle clutter piles, put laundry away, puff cushions, banish book stacks and then, and only then, get to work with the mop and surface spray. In this way the house doesn’t get out of hand and you won’t be moving nonsense here, there and everywhere in order to clean whatever surface it may be sitting on.

Organised Focus: The Life Book

Today, attend to all household administration. Open post, pay bills, check and reconcile bank accounts. File what needs filing, shred private paperwork, balance the household budget, place orders and update your diary and medical records. Renew library books, make phone calls, print whatever needs printing, delete photographs, price compare desired goods and insurance, book car maintenance services, organise computer files and breathe….

Then make a cup of tea, grab your CommonPlace Book and make all the lists your heart desires.

Personal Focus: Pampering

While we can be truly indulgent of others, pampering ourselves doesn’t necessarily come naturally to all of us, so it helps to tell ourselves that on at least one evening per week we will decamp to the bathroom and bedroom and do all the teeny little improving, pampering somethings we dream of, but so rarely find time to do.

This isn’t about vanity (though of course it is nice to feel beautiful) but is instead about reminding ourselves that we matter. That an evening of candlelight meditation, dry-brushing, sesame oil massage, face masks and a long magnesium bath can be deliciously restorative, help us to keep our skin and circulation healthy, and fall into bed feeling soothed and calmer than before.



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  1. Serena Talbott says:

    Wow! I just found you. This is a wonderful site and I can’t wait to dive in.

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