Tuesday – To-Do’s: Garden Tools.

1. Launder all coloured laundry from wash to put away.

2. De-fluff and wipe down the tumble dryer.

3. Spend a while making the kitchen as sparkly as can be.

4. Sweep and mop kitchen and laundry room floors.

5. Take all cushions and removeable upholstery off sofas and chairs and de-crumb frames. Then vacuum thoroughly, bash cushions into plump submission and notice how the whole living room comes back to life.

6. Go on smudge patrol round all doors and paintwork, with a bottle of surface cleaner and a cloth in hand.

7. Use a piece of magic eraser (aff) to shift scuff marks on walls and floors.

8. Get in to the garden and make an early Spring mission list.

9. Have a long lavender scented magnesium bath just before bedtime.

Your Daily Treat…

Before we can really get going in our gardens (whether we are talking about a window box or a couple of acres!) we need to get our tools organized.

Harsh Winters spent languishing in the garden shed wreak havoc upon metal tools and they are often in need of something of a seeing to before they are fit to carry us through another Summer and if it is rust that is has reared it’s ugly little head, then my Darlings, it is tea we need and gallons of it to boot!

Simply brew up a bucket of the strongest black tea you can muster, then place a tea-towel you are willing to sacrifice in the bottom and stand your rusty tools in the bucket making certain that the wooden handles are not steeped in the tea.

Leave to stand overnight, then remove and using a soft cloth dry and polish gently, and you should find that the rust disappears! Once your tools are clean, apply a little olive oil to a cloth and wipe it over the metal parts of each spade, fork and trowel, and there you have it: garden tools ready and willing to dig up a little sunshine!

Ah, the magical properties of tea!

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