Wednesday Focus

Domestic Focus: Kitchen

On Wednesday mornings, base yourself in the kitchen for as long as it takes to nurture both the family and the heart of the home. Set the slow cooker going for stews or soup, bake, roast and simmer whatever is in the fridge. Organise the pantry, clean the fridge or shine the sink. Browse recipe books with a cup of tea. make shopping lists and meal plans, wipe down surfaces, organise cupboards or mop the floor. And do it all with a chirpy playlist and a constant supply of restorative tea!

Organised Focus: Wellbeing

Today focus on your own wellbeing. In-between baking, make therapist and therapy appointments, arrange hairdressing and skin maintenance, and book or confirm doctor and hospital appointments. Manage medication and supplements, Seek out new to you yoga or gentle movement routines on the internet, read inspirational wellbeing blogs, watch something improving, enjoy a self-help book and try to get out into the fresh air for at least a few minutes walk around the block. 

Personal Focus: Visualise

Make Wednesday evening, the night you focus on visualising your own betterment. Update vision and Pinterest boards, journal and collage your dreams, cross things off your 101 lists, and settle down early with a book that makes your Muse’sheart skip.

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