Wednesday – To-Do’s: Violet Cremes.

1. Strip your bed and allow it to air for a couple of hours with the bedroom windows open.

2. Launder your own bedlinen and remake the bed the BrocanteHome way.

3. Get the feather duster out and swipe across your wardrobes, bookshelves and dresser surfaces.

4. Vacuum every nook and cranny of your own room.

5. Take a damp cloth and wipe down all easy accessible surfaces and polish your dressing table mirror to a shine.

6. Spritz your bed with pillow spray and lay out a scrumptiously fresh pair of pyjamas for later.

7. Get into the garden and sweep all paths thoroughly for a breath of fresh air.

8. Take a restorative, late afternoon shower before the evening meal.

9. Try out a new bedtime mediation. 

Your Daily Treat…

Oh I know Darlings, it’s Easter and any minute now you are going to be all chocolated out!
But I have happened upon quite the most wonderful recipe for creating Violet Creams, and after a little Brocante recipe twiddling, they are twice as scrumptious as the last recipe I gave you, so I could hardly not share it with you, now could I?

For the uninitiated, Violet Creams are quite simply the sweetest, most fragrant of chocolates, the perfect thing for the most luxurious of treats…

The Recipe


3 Tbsp Double Cream
3 Tbsp Violet Syrup
225g Icing/Confectioners or Fondant sugar
1 tsp Groundnut Oil (most light flavoured oils will work)
225g Dark Chocolate
Crystallised Violets Petals or Purple Sugar Strands to decorate.

Pour the double cream, violet syrup, and food colouring into a bowl and stir until well mixed.
Sift the icing sugar into your mix and using a palette knife turn over until it forms a stiff fondant. Put into the fridge for one hour to set.
Now divide into small sweet sized lumps and using the back of a spoon flatten into 1cm thick discs. Melt the chocolate in a bain marie, then dip each fondant disc into it, add decoration and allow to set on greaseproof paper.

Transfer into a lined tin, et viola, Violet Creams for her ladyship!

P.S: Don’t forget you can create rose creams using exactly the same recipe by replacing the violet syrup with the same amount of rose syrup…

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