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  1. Thank you! You have just summed up much of the craziness that has been going on in my head for a while.
    You're absolutely right – now is the time to take stock of what matters, before we spend any longer on the wrong stuff. Good luck with your soul-searching and please, please, please publish your new reading list – I'd love to see it!

  2. Welcome back! I have been having similar thoughts lately, and as a result have started altering habits and rethinking the things I allow into my home or remain in my home. I have been forcing myself to "Do the next thing" instead of going off on 20,000 other "productive" bunny trails to avoid that next thing. I have my work cut out for me to shape my life into the ideal I have in my heart. Lots of culling of habits and things and more lolling around on the carpet with my kidlets and having more reading time and less screen time. Your blog has factored largely into my thoughts as of late, it came along at just the right time. I so look forward to your posts and am inspired each time I visit.

  3. This is a fantastic post.
    I've had a lot of issues regarding making time for myself, taking time to do things that help me thrive lately. Particuarly as a blogger. I've changed a lot of my habits surrounding work/blogging/relaxing and I think it has made me an easier person for ME to be around.
    This post is just what I needed.

  4. (Sorry that I never have time for filling out the info properly…)
    Alison, I am always here reading each post, but I rarely comment for the reason stated above. What you've shared is valuable. My friends and I often discuss it. We're wondering if there's an epidemic of attention deficit disorder and if we all need meds. I'm more inclined to believe that it is the time in which we live. So much is clamoring for our attention. All the best as you proceed with focus. Perhaps it is, after all, setting an intent for each day.

  5. Wow. You said it sister! I'm so going to check out those books. I LOVE your writing and I'm so glad you won't be leaving us any time soon. Phew!

  6. Wow. That's totally timely. Just when I'm telling my husband that I'm pulling my hair out mad and spread ridiculously thin. I can't seem to get any one thing done because I'm so scattered over the 14 things I bump into along the way. Off to check those books!

  7. I think part of the lack of focus in today's world comes because of too many choices. We are told as young people that we can be anything we want. Focus is difficult when the world is wider than we can imagine. There's so much coming at us via television, print, internet, billboards, advertising etc, that our minds flit from one thing to another. Learning to focus takes discipline and hard work, being willing to let go of the good for the best.
    I'm in the midst of some of these same thoughts. There is so much I'd love to accomplish and do and be, but I can't do it all. I have to choose.
    Great post, lots of food for thought.

  8. Serendipity struck me as I read your post. I lay awake last night thinking about what I must do to restore balance to my life, and here you are today speaking directly to all of us facing this challenge.
    Your journey will be followed closely. Maybe we can all share what we learn along the way. Thanks, Alison!

  9. Alison, as usual, you write what many of us are currently feeling! I also agree with Lorrie that we do have too many choices. Because we're meant for growth and creation, we feel the exhilaration of taking on exciting new projects – but, as Mike Dooley says, while we have infinite possibilities in our life, it's more accurate to say that we have infinite probabilities. There are only so many years in our lives, and therefore only so many things that we can humanly do (and enjoy) – so why not choose the experiences that have meaning for us?
    When we can sit quietly and listen to the voice of our soul, instead of dashing about like a 'flea in a fit', we narrow down our choices to those things that really make our heart sing. Yep, focus! I think it definitely makes for a richer life, don't you? Really looking forward to hearing where your focus takes you! Hugs, Joanne

  10. Oh, boy. It's as if you wrote this just for me! Because I have so many interests and things I want to learn, I end up getting overwhelmed and feeling bad about–say, not knowing how to do twenty-five different crafts. At the same time, I often find it hard to focus on the various things I love that I already do well! I'm going to read each of the books you noted. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  11. I'm all for evolution and revolution. I've been going through something similar the last year and it can be frightening to wake up and find whole new dimensions of yourself that seem to have sprung from nowhere. But wherever you go, whatever you discover, you're still Alison, deep down and that will always come through! And I can't wait to see it.

  12. Dear Alison,
    First of all, I am really impressed by your boy-o and his insights….very special. I know he is one of your of your focuses and you will discern the rest in your own good time.
    When I first started reading your post, the spirit of it reminded my of my younger days when I would decide it was time for our family to "turn over a New Leaf" or say (after much lovely planning with notebook and pencil) "today is the start of our New Life". But as I read on, I saw that you have the wisdom to go at it more peacefully, layer by layer, which will have more long-lasting results.
    Not that we are ever "there" or that we stop dreaming and doing. And sometimes it takes something big (for me, becoming my mother's full-time caregiver) to make us focus. And even with my life much more constrained in a concrete way, I am always having to rein in some of the creative impulses my mind and heart keep putting in front of me. Beautiful ideas, wonderful ideas….but it is just not the time and I can recognize that more easily now, after many years of going through all that you are. (In fact, I wrote about it recently here… )
    So you are taking stock at 38, I am taking stock at 51 and so are many, many others. No doubt we shall be doing so our whole lives, but I can tell you that it gets easier and easier. And it is wonderful to be helping each other through it all.

  13. Yes. Absolutely! I for one missed you. And I have hardly been on the computer this week, but was so happy to see your posts in my in box this morning. A delightful interlude with my morning cup . . .
    Oh my! That boy of yours! Finley, like Rachel, is special. Very special. Plain and simply, he is a wonderful, precious, precocious, special boy. Aren't you blessed?! But look at his Mother! Nobody expected any less.
    We, too have had long heartfelt discussions over the last week . . . looking into, considering our motives and life's decisions . . . While you have been searching for a pleasant home for Richard's Father, {and I do hope you have had great success, because it matters . . . it really, really matters} . . . we have lost my Father in law. The service was yesterday, we have just returned home . . . and we flit about suddenly undefined, in the oddest way.
    Back to the business of this note, though! You certainly have my blessings to do what you must. You may be concerned that a shift in focus will disrupt your viewership, but I really think {for whatever that's worth . . .} that a change would swing as a pendulum, and eventually resettle comfortably. I honestly believe that we all come here to have a cup of tea with our favorite girlfriend, and the topic matters not. We are simply friends sitting at the kitchen table with you, comfortably attired in our scrubbies, and enjoying the companionship. One thing I can tell you for certain, that is how it is for me. Do what you must! Friends are friends. Period. And you are our very bestest one of all.

    1. P.S. A proper letter always should have a post script, don't you think? I really, really hope you're feeling better! I prescribe lemon and honey with that tea!

  14. This is a wonderful post and once again very timely, I absolutely associate. On the point of your focus shifting I believe change is healthy and often necessary and I completely agree with Debbi, friends are friends period, imagine also the new friends that this refocus may bring. As long as I still occasionally get to sit around your virtual kitchen table with you, I too care not what the topic is. Megan xx

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