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  1. ah, yes. I knew I’d found you for a reason. Your words echo my own weary heart. I look forward to what comes next. xo

  2. Without doubt the dream to aim for. This message is a blessing. Thank you Alison. Go for it step by step. Barbara x

  3. As I read your words I say to myself…yes…yes….yes. One joy being older brings us is the clear eyed ability to see what is really us, beyond all the trappings we have been told we need to be us. Keep putting your words out here for all of us. Yes…Yes…Yes

  4. Lovely. But also let’s remember that there isn’t a mom in the world who thinks she has made the most of her time with her kids. I mean my golly I homeschooled for 12 years and I don’t think I did….

  5. Before I came to your website to read this, I listened to the podcast of another long-term, prolific blogger I’ve gotten to know who was sharing that she is taking a break from everything in order to re-evaluate everything she is doing in life. I personally quit Facebook last month completely – deleted all my website related pages, personal account, all of it. It has freed me to step back and rethink everything I do online.
    The rise of social media, the pulling people away from blog comment communities, and the rise of high-level professional blogging for money has substantially changed the blogging world over the past five years. I think this is hardest on certain kinds of bloggers. The thinkers and writers (such as you and me and the other friend I mentioned) are not wired to deal with the mind-numbing minutia that professional blogging or blogging for income now requires. (Are you an INFJ in Myers-Briggs?) And yet most of us need an income and cannot afford to give away dozens of hours a week to an endeavor we pour our hearts and souls into for absolutely nothing in return monetarily. It’s difficult to know what to do.
    I’m also now over a certain age and it has made me really step back and start to evaluate where I am going with my life moving forward.
    All that to say, I hear you. I started a post about all of this last evening before I went to bed, but realized I also needed to leave a comment here. 🙂

  6. Dearest Alison,
    Did you ever stop to think, dare I say believe, this can work how you want it to work? Whatever that looks like, however you desire. You just described your ideal above, now allow it to be. Your writing, your message, your truth will come through. Leave the complications behind.
    Your words helped shift my mindset years ago, domestic duties didn’t feel so heavy anymore. Now it’s like reading a letter from an old friend. So here I am sending you energy for clarity and peace in making decisions that are best for you.
    with love,

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