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  1. Hi Alison – You might want to visit Arkansas, but believe me you wouldn't want to stay for long. I grew up there and it's very hot and humid and rather dull, although people are nice. Love your website! Please check out my blog when you have a chance:, as we have some similar interests. Thank you!

  2. If you come as near as Arkansas, you'd better venture a few hundred miles north to MY HOUSE! Wouldn't we have fun?!!! Have a good weekend. G.

  3. I am an Arkansas gal, and yes, it IS hot and humid but NOT dull. One just had to know how to enjoy it. It has rivers, lakes, mountains, prairies, forests, farmland, metro Little Rock, and resort Hot Springs – among other things. A gorgeous state! I now live in Kentucky (for 2 years) and it is pretty, in places, but give me Arkansas! Alison, you plan a trip and I will personally escort you and show you the sites and then bring you here where you would find more vintage, antique-y stuff than you could fit in a car in one outing. I did it yesterday…went to an outdoor flea market near here that is held every Thursday and Saturday and within 2 hours, my car was packed from front to back with all that is vintage and yummy and wonderful! Most will appear on my ebay auctions but some of the most delish is waiting to be adopted into the home. Oh, I could have such fun watching you hit the markets around here! "Alison in a candy store!" 😉

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