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  1. You did it again …touched mu heart.. What a spendid writer you are.. Thank you ..I strt my days with checking to see what wisdom you have for us…
    What a beautiful child you are blessed with.

  2. Alison- you usually touch me with what you write but today you really struck me right between the eyes! My mom died two weeks ago and I will miss her terribly. she was suffering for a long time and I prayed the Lord would take her quickly – she had suffered long enough. When my sisters and I cleaned out her stuff – my heart was raw with knowing that I won’t be able to call her and just chat. I have her two sewing machines -being the only one that sews besides her – So two of my daughters will have what was grandma’s. Thanks for being my good friend ‘across the pond’ – fondly – kim

  3. I’m so thankful that both of my parents are still living but I certainly pondered how I’ll go on when they are gone. Mom gave me one of her old Bibles with all her handwritten notes in the margins. As I read through it, I love that I can know what mom’s thoughts were on those same verses. I wonder if I should begin doing this for my children as I study. Blessings… Polly

  4. My father died last year quite suddenly. When I got the news, I remember thinking: He’ll have left something for me. I combed his computer, his drawers, for some letter I imagined he *must* have written for me. (We were close.) To date, I’ve found nothing. I’ve just recently bought a journal with the express purpose of writing a “letter” to my daughter. I know how much comfort such a thing would have brought me.
    What a wise post — thank you.

  5. Beautifully written, with perfect sentiment. Like you say, without being morbid, you never know when it’ll be your last goodbye. I hate leaving, or going to sleep, on a misunderstanding for that very reason. My 17 yr old DD knows she is loved, just like I know my mum loves me. And that thought comforts me. BTW, my grandma, that DD is named for, was christened Bertha 😉 I chose her middle name for DD’s middle name, though – Rose is much prettier!

  6. I just love that picture – who is it by? You write so well, we should all take notice of what you say here. My father died four years ago and never left any note or anything for me despite knowing he was dying. It felt as though he hadn’t really acknowledged my existence and despite having the opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ to me he hadn’t bothered. A friend’s father also knows he doesn’t have long and he is busy putting his affairs in order, sorting through things and writing about his family so that his memories won’t be lost once he is gone.

  7. Thank you…it comes at a very good time. Serendipity arrives like a robin on a snow crusted winter branch….we know that the sun will break through the clouds at any moment and the long sad will go away and become a more bearable form of remembrance.

  8. I am touched again as I was when I read Martha Stewart’s thoughts and memories of her mother~it really made me think about having something prepared for my children, just in case…
    I am enjoying catching up with your posts–I was out of a computer for about a month!

  9. Dear Alison,
    Today, as always, you inspired me. I love the way you process. You touch me, and inspire beautiful thoughts. I read recently of a couple of authors who, every day before they begin to write, sit down and read for an hour, refueling, “filling the well”, I think is how she described it. Today, however, was different, I did it, too. After filling myself at your well, I sat down and began the process of “putting pen to paper” for my children. If you check my blog… you only need to see the first entry, where you are credited. Thank you, again, and again! ~ Debbi

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