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  1. oh dear, I hope you get reconnected soon. As for that dreadful wasp, I DO hope he went his own separate way and didn't hang around. Let's hope your new year's is much better *hugs*

  2. I wish you the happiest of new years! As for myself, I might forgo the usual resolutions and instead ask myself "Where do you want to be in one year?" Hmmm… there's a lot in that query, isn't there? Take care, ME

  3. OH! Who wouldn't be "Thrilled to bits with the mini pretend silver hip flask I got in my cracker"!? I rec'd a rather confusing puzzle game in mine that made so sense after too little sleep (the one day out of the year when I don't hate to get up AND have trouble falling asleep) and too much champagne. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  4. what an grinchy wasp, to stay alive til christmas just to sting you! when it comes to writing projects I am SO hearing you. I say you have to do something really, REALLY new. Like fencing, ice skating, archery or fly-fishing. That is the cure for ruminating. When you break out of the mold of your life its elements will form new patterns, like a kaleidescope! promise!

  5. I do think the wasp is a symbol of himself and the whole event a warning omen not to let him move back in. The very nerve.
    I was hoping to hear that he has been run over by a tram and you had received a generous life insurance premium.
    You're weakening- I can feel it clear across the ocean.
    The only thing that will take my mind off such a dreadful eventuality is the thought of your book.
    With Christmas love,
    Townsend, MA

  6. How strange, a wasp on Christmas eve! It sounds like your Christmas was perfect, I also like to take an afternoon nap on Christmas day, because for us it is a none stop full day, and for afew hours in the afternoon, we have a little peace and quiet, then my mam comes round at about 7.30pm, and we all eat, drink and be merry, so I like to have a little chill time. I get so excited about Christmas still, I just love it and cant wait for next Christmas!

  7. Have a happy new year Alison.
    Wasps….creatures of the devil neither use nor ornament……….
    i do hope you showed due clemency and let it live another day.

  8. Have a lovely New Year, Alison. As for the wasp – I hope you squished it! They're no good to man nor beast, imo! As for the estranged hubby – well, only you can make that decision. I'm still hoping that I'll be in that situation one day, where the other half decides that the grass is perhaps not so green elsewhere.
    In the meantime, have a hug for you and Finley.

  9. Could Santa have gotten something on your Christmas list wrong? Maybe something you asked for sounded like wasp or bee or a hornet? Oh I got it – did you ask for a jacket that was yellow and Santa's elves got it mixed up and instead gave you a Yellow Jacket?

    It would be easy to be wigging out thinking – is there a nest of these creatures in my mattress? Hard to go to sleep after that.
    I guess the other day finding a mosquito in our house when there hasn't been any outdoors for a couple of months, doesn't hold a candle to your wasp story. What a deal!

  10. OH that wasp! He was just jealous of your contentment, huh?!
    Wishing you the happiest of New Year's and looking for your book soon. As for the ex thing…I say you squash him like the wasp!! (Just hoping you are not stung once again.) God bless and take care!!

  11. I wish I had your enthuisiasm Alison! you cheer me you really do!hope you are having a lovely time and that 2008 holds every good thing for you.

  12. Dearest Alison,
    Your little wasp incident reminds me of all the many wasp stings I experienced as a child.Running barefoot through the rye grass at my grandparent's home those little red devils seemed to come out of nowhere.My grandfather (may God rest his soul)would reach into his cheek to pull out a pinch of well chewed tobacco.Much to my disgust and wonderment he would place it over the swollen area so that the nicotine would draw the poison out and reduce the swelling.
    What do you recommend?

  13. Decisions only you can make! Finally, doesn't it feel wonderful that the ball is in your court?! Maybe take a moment to breathe it all in. The decision can wait another day or two (afterall, you've been waiting haven't you?!). I'll be praying that it'll all be very clear for you. Blessings… Polly

  14. "I suspect many thought I'd been on the juice" <— ROFLMAO!!! That is the funniest line.
    Sorry about the bee but love the blog entry. 🙂
    "Merry Christmas"

  15. Hmmm, how do you manage to make even a bee sting sound delightful and cosy??
    I have taped Ballet Shoes and hope it lives up to the book, which seems unlikely, but one lives in hope.

  16. Oh your heart must have been thumping when you felt something crawling on your leg! Who'd have thought?! Still as always you turn it into a funny story, you are a brilliant writer and I hope that book becomes more than a twinkle. Good luck for 2008, only you know if estranged husband is worth a second chance, it worked for me.

  17. "his estranged Father wants to come home to a life less ordinary than the one he once chose to set aside for another day."
    Does this sentence mean that your husband wants to get back together with you? Or that he wants to stick to his "new" life?
    Honey, I am so sorry but I'm confused.
    Not that it's any of my business!
    Happy New Year!

  18. "and yet and yet and yet…"
    Oh Alison, how your heart always does soothe my own.
    Many blessings in the new year to you — beautiful, dear you.

  19. Welcome back Alison! Happy and Healthy 2008 to you and your precious son. I too got inordinately excited about a cracker gift this year! (I usually do though…) A tiny silver salt and pepper pot – I immediately envisaged little dolly picnics! The cheeky thing was it wasn't even in my cracker…..but hey, what's his is mine, right??!! Don't you just love mini nail brushes (perfect for handbags and going away bags) and mini screwdriver sets!!! (perfect for just about any fiddly battery cover on toys etc). Where else can you get such wonderfully useful stuff?!

  20. A toast to the New Year, from across the pond, to my new friend. I hope all is well!
    take much care-
    coastal nest

  21. Happy New Year Alison! I have so enjoyed your beautiful light hearted approach to blogging and home living . Thank you so much for sharing your planner pages with us all. I have your tool bar at the top of my home page and plan to click on it as often as possible this coming year.
    Hugs and pleased to meet you,

  22. OH Alison! Pretty PLEASE write the book…I will buy the first copy, Sweets! I SO enjoy your writing and feel happier and more optimistic about life in general after visiting here. You are just a TREASURE. Give that boy an extra squeeze and ask for one in return….hugs, cheryl

  23. That would have been a Queen wasp,they hibernate in warm places through the winter so a new wasp colony can be produced in the spring.We live in an old farmhouse and have plenty of these in the winter,also HORNETS which are 3 times as big but luckily very placid !!

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