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  1. Dear Sweet Kerry,
    If ever I could reach through the computer and give someone a big hug of "I understand,–you go, girl, and I'm so proud of you " it would be now. You will see benefits of this brave and selfless action, getting out while the getting's good, as they say… or before it gets impossible. Your children will benefit in ways unimaginable. I say this because I know it. I so have been there, not exactly there, but there. Leaving a marriage is extremely difficult and almost impossible to negotiate without bitterness or misery or self pity or ending up in an Emotionless Sahara. I think this little band of women will see us all through what e're betides us. You have written from your heart, and it is beautiful. God bless you with the most wonderful seasons of hope and great future. People are all assuring you, I'm sure, that it will get better. I'm here to say it certainly will…. better and better. I do send you that big hug, honey. I'm so sorry this has happened to so many women, myself included… It's kind of an "If I knew then what I know now" Club…. and we do love each other and ourselves out of our pits of differing despair. Have a wonderful spring!

  2. Dearest Kerry, I do know exactly what you are going through. My ex not only didn't turn up in court – he sent his girlfriend! It seemed that for an awfully long time, he tried to control me after I got out of the relationship (and made my life hell), and even today, there are still hints of it. I believe it's inherent in his nature and like you, at first, I didn't see it. I am a smart woman too, but the thing about a controller is they take away all belief in yourself. The woman who leaves is so brave, because you do it not knowing if you really can. It's a leap of faith.
    Kerry, continue being brave, and your boys will realise, when they are old enough, what the story really is – no matter what their father tells them. I cling to that truth. And always remember, you have people all around you that you can call on for help and support.

  3. Dearest Kerry and all you other wonderful, intelligent and resourceful Mommys, What better day than today National Womens Friendship Day, to remind ourselves how important and life sustaining are our friendships with other women. I am honoured to be part of such a great group of girlfriends that we have here at Brocante. Thank you Kerry for your post and hang in there as we are all supporting you. Thank you also Alison for giving us Brocante and the wonderful kinship we are all enjoying here. Happy Friendship Day Girlfriends. Hugs all round !!

  4. Oh Kerry – you speak to my heart. I have "friends" who I know judge me for walking out of what seemed from the outside like a very happy marriage. There were times when we were still married when I could never have envisaged myself summoning up the strength to leave. But I did, and though it has been, and indeed still is, a very tough ride, I know I have done the right thing. And at the end of the day that's all that matters. Thay say you only regret the things you don't do – and a life of wasted love is a wasted life indeed.
    No matter how bad things are now, you always have the comfort of knowing that you have been true to yourself. And you should be very, very poud of that.
    You wil be fine, your kids will be fine and as my mum always says "This too will pass."
    You're very brave, very lovely and very special – never forget that.
    Lots and lots of love to you and your family.

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