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  1. Oh, God bless both your hearts! How unfair life is! But I must say, you'll have to tell Finley "NO, NO, NO!!!" I can see by your photo that he is growing up and he must stop! Right Now! You'll have to make him stop!
    Psheww! Glad I got that out! I was just so surprised when I saw that photo! I don't think there's anything wrong with the eggs and soup for a few days when feeling so under the weather! If he'll eat it, I say go for it!
    So they think the abcess has been there for 3 years, causing all these other problems? It will be great if it's proven out to be true! I hope he's feeling better soon – so you can both get some sleep.

  2. Ahh! bless his little heart! an abscess is the most horrendously painful thing for anyone let alone a little one,I do hope he is better soon and Mummy gets some sleep too xx

  3. Praying Finley will feel better soon and that you all will get some rest. Poor little guy! Nothing worse than having a little one who isn't feeling well.

  4. Oh my goodness, poor Finley! (and poor you). Abscesses are indeed the most painful thing EVER (and I say that having given birth AND had both tooth and gum abscesses!). I hope the antibiotics kick in very soon, and that you both get to rest and recoup. Blowing virtual kisses to you both xxx

  5. Sorry to hear about that. I hope that one will get better soon! I almost remember how I got that ridiculous feeling but with my help of my mom, I got better. You can try to let Fin gargle a glass of water and salt to at least ease the pain. I believe to prevent Celiacs disease, Vit. D and calcium is needed.

    1. Thank you so much for your input, we are now on our second course of anti-biotics and I will try the saltwater and get him on a calcium supplement. Many thanks!

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