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  1. Oh you think you have it bad… I walk past the place every evening on my way home from work…. not good… Don't forget, get Easy Living Magazine… free tote bag AND 15% discount voucher too!
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    1. Oh Sarah I am an Easy Living magazine subscriber and wouldn't you just know it: got the bag I didn't want and now feel the urge to buy another copy to get the one I do: would that be outrageous??

  2. I say do the wallpaper… Are you like me? Do you long to do things and then always find reasons not to? I feel like that's my modus operandi and I don't every realize it most of the time.
    Do it! 😉
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  3. Alison, I just love the look of your new blog and I can't wait to really look it over. All the best with it!

  4. Everytime I see a post about Cath Kidson I get so envious. There isn't one around me. I love everything I see from wallpaper to purses. OK, now you got me going. I'll do my dishes, bake my banana bread and get back to reality. Smiles, Sally

  5. I saw the new collection a couple of weeks ago and added pretty much everything to my wish list! I don't think she does anything that I don't like. I'm not near a shop but there's always online!
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