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  1. How clever, but unsurprising of you to exalt the joys of lavendar in cooking! The first time I had it was with lamb shank in argeles where my parents live. It really was something that awoke my palette. As for MYSPACE…my 30 yr old uber cool nephew has his profile on there and I still can't get my head around its higher purpose

  2. You're right – a nearly perfect day. I'm wishing you stormy weather to complete the perfection.
    It's been icy here since Friday so we've not left our jammies at our house for 2 days. Sloths? Never! Hibernators! Cuppas, movies, chocolates and family! What could be a better day?

  3. All sounds like the perfect treat – where can we buy heart-shaped sugar cubes? (I don't even take sugar in drinks but I think I need to buy these!)

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