French General.

By alison November 7, 2006 4 Comments 1 Min Read


Oh my.

Not only is French General the most scrumptious boutique on the net, but now there is a book to swoon over…

I was going to add  it to my Christmas list, but accidentally on purpose pressed add to my shopping cart on Amazon.

Goodness. I can’t imagine how that happened.

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  1. sarah says:

    'twas the merest slip of the hand I imagine..
    Still who could blame you… certainly not me…. how can anyone resist the allure of the French boudoir… all lovely linens and toile du joie…. mmmmmm…. I wish I was in that room…. as opposed to within my little office with only students to look out upon in the Library… bless them…. so you carry on with your mis-clicking antics that's what I say – have fun now you've brightened up my lunch break!

  2. Amy says:

    lol I'd do the same thing, looks like a fun book!

  3. Violette says:

    Bonjour !
    Well…. I have to look for the book, in France…
    and I will surely get back to read you again and again.
    à bientôt.

  4. auntie bb says:

    please take note…this clicking mistake wasn't your fault…same thing happened to me…

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