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  1. How delightful Alison! I sold an old work cabinet today for $20.00, and went out to buy the U.K. version of Country Living, and the lovely Mary Jane's Farm magazine. Oh, I also bought myself a dozen lilac roses! What a treat! I can't wait to snuggle down in bed and read them!

  2. Just found your blog today, and I am enjoying visiting it. That is a very vintage photo… would it be called a 'tin type' photo of the young girls. I like Mary Englebreit things and wish she would do a CD of reproducibles. I passed up a screensaver software of hers and now regret it. It was only $1.00 to boot!

  3. Alison, what fun! I simply HAVE to learn to take care of myself better and to do fun stuff and do the things I love. It feels like I just scrounge by, especially lately, and live in a state of emotional and puttery famine. I am simply hard put to decide what would be fun for me to do.. That is SAD!!!!! That's my mission for the next couple of weeks! Enjoy the snuggles…

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