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  1. You might not know who you are, but I think you’re fab. And so do lots of other people. xxx
    (This is a multi-tasking ‘let’s discuss this over coffee’ comment, instead of a text.)

  2. Oh Gena, I tried! But here’s the thing: as soon as I face even the smallest of struggles on the learning curve, I throw in the towel! I am petrified of failure in all things…

  3. I so understand. I’m like that too. I did stick with knitting even though my first few scarves were embarrassing. They ended up in the trash. Now that I’ve been knitting for a few years I’m good at it, not great like The Yarn Harlot, but good enough to give knitted gifts to people. I found that it is my zen. If I’m too busy with other things to knit I get cranky. The good thing about knitting is that if you make a mistake you can rip it back and start over OR call it a design feature and go on. 😉

  4. This is a significant year for me, so I decided to take up Quilting (note that Capital Q…serious stuff!) and make a scrap quilt with each block to represent different people and places through my life so far. Well, I have a large basket of fabric -scraps and purchases- and a rough kind of plan in my journal. 9 months of this year is gone with only 3 months left to make the first snip into the fabric, let alone sew up even one block. So much for one block a month, easy to acheive targets!!!
    Has anyone knitted up that darling Bobtail Rabbit pattern you blogged about?

  5. When I became ill with depression/anxiety my friend asked me if I had any hobbies. Was there anything I did just for me, that didn’t benefit anyone else? The answer was no – apart from reading, but even then I read for work sometimes. It’s really important that we all do things – everyday if possible- just for us. For someone as giving as you are Alison, especially giving to people you don’t even know – it is really important for long term well being. I haven’t quite got there yet, but drinking wine and eating chocolate is a start – isn’t it??

  6. Honey, you do have a talent and gift… For blogging, fixing up a beautiful page, adjusting, tweaking, playing with technical art, font, graphics…. It’s your thing…. Minus the knitting needles! Hugs.

  7. Sometime being in total charge and responsible for a little one can make the time fly by. Your eyes open and in no time your head is hitting the pillow. I had 5 kiddos in that many years and it took me awhile to find my thing. And it is by no means spectacular except to me. You will be fine.

  8. And here I was pluming myself on having 5 in 7 years! Hubby is almost a decade older than I , so I was trying to have our whole family before he turned forty.
    I consider my reading as something that’s just for me, with the bonus that reading lots of really good books keeps Mommy’s brain sharp.

  9. Oh bless you, but I am glad I’m not the only one that flounders a little, after having four daughters and wearing multiple hats for many years including, teacher, nurse, taxi driver amongst many others and working full time then finally my youngest daughter left home and I found myself a stay at home housewife (not by personal choice) with an empty nest. First of all I felt empty myself and I had been so busy all those years being all things to all manner of people that depended on me and then nothing…… after a bout of feeling sorry for myself and I admit a little, well a lot! depressed. I muddled through with routine and then suddenly realised I had my own life back but how to live it? who was I now my multiple hats had been taken away? Mostly what do I want to do now with the rest of my life? Questions questions all rumbling around in my head, but I will tell you dear ladies I am slowly unravelling the muddle in my head and Alison you and your wonderful literature have helped me A LOT 🙂
    Well I have carried on muddling through and made decisions just small ones to start with but my biggest being to expand my little crafting business and join this wonderful site the rest is still a muddle my lovelies but as I unravel it and who I am now, I’m sure I will share my thoughts and decisions with all you lovely people.
    Kindest regards to all, Ann

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