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  1. How are we defined if we do white AND fluffy cabbage roses in the same room? All over the house? 🙂 I cannot ever tell anyone my decorating "style" since it is merely a hodge podge of everything, EVERY single thing, I love. I love reading your blog and say a prayer little Finn….best of luck and happy health. ~Nancy

  2. Ah, Alison… you are indeed overstressed, overfussed, a sick baby and a TV crew the same week as those terrible attacks… pale and streamlined sound so cool and refreshing and Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby…. I understand. Alas, I cannot do pale, but I do understand… I crave pale, but only for a few days or weeks, then I have to take a huge dive in deep hues…. burgundies, navies, even reds and dark plums…. My soul understands, though… and I'm with you on those "women" in the white… My front is a magnet for ketchup or tea stains, and I am allergic to looking fine in white… but I crave it too, sometimes… Love you… I'll think pale for you, my dear….

  3. First of all – pink is definitely NOT dead – at least not in my home LOL. I do declare that you can be pale and interesting (no fake tan here), but I would never want to be one of those women – they look to me as if they lead extremely uninteresting lives, if they can look that immaculate all the time, they can't be doing much of note. (Is that terribly judgmental of me?) I'll go with white (no gloss please) and lots of pale pink roses and lace and bows and all things feminine and frilly ~not frothy~ the shabbier the better! Alison, you will get over this phase LOL

  4. OH Ali … which do you want to be … badly behaved or immaculately pale??? Or maybe just a bit of both. (Remember 'Immaculate women lead dull lives' whilst 'Well Behaved women rarely make history').

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