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  1. I recommend a book by Francine Jay called The Joy of Less, a minimalist living guide. I have struggled for years with my clutter and I have to say this is the first book (and there have been many!) that I have read that has taught me to look at clutter in a different light. For me, it has made it easier to part with items that I would otherwise have kept. Now don’t get me wrong, my home is far from being minimalist but the clutter is much reduced and only contains things I love – now that can not be a bad thing can it?? Good luck xx

  2. Yep. You are one hundred percent right. I loved this post. It’s almost too late for me… And the clutter is not mine.. But you are so on point with this. I’m afraid you might as well shove me in one of your bin bags! If you have a jumbo! Lol.
    Hugs to you!

  3. I really needed to hear this! I need to get to that fed-up place to actually DO something about it.

  4. Good timing! I feel completely overwhelmed by the clutter now,the wardrobe cull last week has left me exhausted,I have yet to start on the shoes,the mere thought of the books makes me want to weep and I have a dresser full of odds and ends that are oh so pretty albeit useless.Woe is me!

  5. This is exactly what I needed to read as I sit in my computer room surrounded by books and clutter, reading about how to get organized. I have read and I know it’s true: You can’t organize junk and clutter! I just don’t follow that. I am SO guilty of not doing what needs to be done because I am bogged down by clutter and hard feelings and stress and on and on and on. I have to GET. SHUT. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for putting my feelings into words and giving me the nudge (shove ;)) I need to clear of f my desk and clear out my life. XOXOXOXO

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