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    1. Good evening! There was a tv programme here a few years ago now, called The House Doctor. She said that potential buyers have a hard time seeing last your stuff to the bare bones of the home. So she suggested when selling your home, you take as much of your stuff out as possible, and paint it all neutral colours – usually magnolia! Basically trying to present your home as a blank canvas as possible.
      I don’t know if any old episodes are on youtube, because some of the people she was helping on the tv show were hideously untidy, or had mad colour schemes, or massive cluttery collections!
      Hope that helps! Mimi x

  1. Really excited about the new site – I’m also starting off my EO journey with DoTerra and really pleased with it so far – I read a few months ago that you were venturing out with said company and I was really excited because I knew you would do something amazing! I have been ‘watching your space’ since!

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