Getting Started With Essential Oils

By Alison January 19, 2016 5 Comments 3 Min Read

Step on to the Brocante stage: Ste! Oh yes, Mr Matthews has penned his very first post, and indeed THE very first post over in the Brocante Oils community – our lovely little (FREE) site dedicated to creating a life abundant with all the blessings essential oils can bring to our lives.
Now trust me: the man was a sceptic. Though he is generally of an up for anything nature, I do believe that when he met me he spent a few months feeling utterly befuddled by my “cranky” way of life. I waffled on about routines and rituals and he looked at me blankly. I doused myself in essential oils before I went to sleep at night and he sniffed and smirked and enjoyed their benefits as much as I did by conking out faster than I could switch the lamp off, but waking up in utter denial that it might just be the heady mix of lavender and geranium that helped him switch the day off. I kept house according to my thoroughly detailed 365 schedule and he wandered about muttering to himself, apparently confused by my utter dedication to keeping a house in a way that even he had to admit made my diddy little cottage feel like the cosiest place on earth.
His Comeuppance
He didn’t get it. Any of it. He could see that something made life at Chez Brocante different but he wasn’t quite buying my madcap ideas…
Then life started to get in the way. A few health problems dogged him, and the disastrous effects of contentment apparently began to show around his waistline (though I do believe that was slightly in his lovely head!). He changed jobs and found himself with all the challenges a career in a new industry brings, and Christmas reared its rather persistent head with all the family and financial demands it is so very prone to making.
I could see he was struggling. Sluggish and tired. And I talked about all the benefits my way of life could bring to him and he, finally at the end of his tether said that he would happily get on-board with living an essential oil fueled life if I could prove to him that a) they were safe and that b) it wasn’t all just hocus-pocus!
And then he did his own research and fell in head over heels in love with the idea of something both pure and natural fueling our well-being. He even did some research into CBD products looking into companies similar to Nature & Beyond to see what they had to offer. (See what a pushover he is!). He read everything there was to read on the company he believed to be the leader in their field, and talked me into a more thorough investigation and before I knew it I was setting up Brocante Oils, and we were beginning our journey to complete well-being with a company I am not allowed to talk about here on BrocanteHome due to various regulations, but can happily share with you if you pop over and quickly sign in to Brocante Oils.
So why am I telling you all of this? Is it just an excuse to sing the praises of my lovely man? Well yes, obviously, but I also wanted to tell you that he has just written the very first blog post over on Brocante Oils, sharing his delight in two products that have made him feel a hundred times better and resulted in him, in my eyes, looking bright-eyed and bushy faced (yep: he’s currently doing the beard thing) for the first time in months.
Go read what he’s got to say and do be kind won’t you… it’s his first blog post EVER and I do believe  he is a little nervous! This then is how a skeptic got started with essential oils and is now the one blending the oils in our living room diffuser each evening and massaging the thyroidy area of my feet each evening with Frankincense oil in an ongoing effort to render me normal. Such is his faith in essential oils. 
Who’s going to tell him normality is never going to exist around these parts??
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  1. karlaneese says:

    Wonderful post Ste! I’m also just discovering essential oils and loving it!

  2. Marylene says:

    Can someone explain the expression “magnolia box” please?

    1. Alison May says:

      Good evening! There was a tv programme here a few years ago now, called The House Doctor. She said that potential buyers have a hard time seeing last your stuff to the bare bones of the home. So she suggested when selling your home, you take as much of your stuff out as possible, and paint it all neutral colours – usually magnolia! Basically trying to present your home as a blank canvas as possible.
      I don’t know if any old episodes are on youtube, because some of the people she was helping on the tv show were hideously untidy, or had mad colour schemes, or massive cluttery collections!
      Hope that helps! Mimi x

      1. Marylene says:

        Oooh I see! Thank you.

  3. sara says:

    Really excited about the new site – I’m also starting off my EO journey with DoTerra and really pleased with it so far – I read a few months ago that you were venturing out with said company and I was really excited because I knew you would do something amazing! I have been ‘watching your space’ since!

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