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  1. You know, just until a couple of weeks ago, I didn't have an opinion on Terri Hatcher….Not good, nor bad…nothing.
    Then I saw an interview she gave on her life and where she is now and "Burnt Toast", and suddenly I did have an opinion on her…I think she is great and like you she struck a very loud chord with me.
    No more bloody burnt toast. I promise.

  2. It has to be said as a committed rubenesque blonde (via the lovely talents of the local hairdresser -well the hair bit anyhow – the rest I put down to well endowed genetics – thanks Grandma, my love of pasta, and green and blacks) I've never really wanted to be / look like a celebrity of any description even in my impressionable youth (I say this like I'm 90!), but I think Teri is great, she makes me want to be a willowy brunette… She has a great take on life, one that I'm trying very hard to work towards so like Kali in the previous post – I also promise no more burnt toast…(I'm having visions of women chanting this all over the world now!)

  3. Off to the library today to fetch this book! Sounds fabulous…..and truely just like all of us that settle some days for the dreaded burnt toast. No more I say!!

  4. I too am off to the library to get this book! Wonderful wisdom!
    Thanks for sharing it with us! I hate burnt toast and I refuse to eat it anymore!

  5. For some reason I didn't realize this post continued. What a treat. I've had a freaking bad day full of burnt toast )metaphorically speaking) and I'm totally sick of it. I have no library card and no real library, so it's off to Amazon I go… Hey, I'm worth it! Thanks Alison. Don't you just love her?

  6. Loved this book! I will confess that I love reading autobiographies and biographies on celebrities. At this moment, I am reading one on David Cassidy, but that is a whole other post. 🙂 Anyway, I enjoyed "Burnt Toast" a lot and appreciated and even identified with a lot of things Hatcher discussed. Of course, this was written pre-boyfriend that she has now. Hopefully, she is still keeping her no more burnt toast philsophy in tact.

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