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  1. Lovely post as usual. Can you please email me? I found a website you will find absolutely scrumptious and may want to post about. (It is Canadian…and very yummy.)

  2. Wonderful post as always – I am quoting you on my Christmas blog if thats alright? Will give credit where credit is due of course and direct everyone to your blog.
    I love reading – don't ever stop being you!
    Oh, PS there is a link to my Christmas blog on the side bar of the blog I have directed you to.

  3. O.K. Are you ready for heaps and heaps of compliments??? I LOVE your blog, I am so inspired by all your thoughts, I was thinking this year ( I live in N.J. with 3 kids ) I wanted to not only do my traditional vintage Christmas but focus on the rituals and have been looking for ones from other countries,,, so thank you! P.s. I know you "despise" your green damask wallpaper in your hall, but you know… I rather like it… anyway, I could go on and on here, but just wanted to thank you, your blog is better than the Christmas issues I love so much… I get my coffee and see what you are up to each day… much love!

  4. My best gal pal and I are making anatomically correct gingerbread men and sending them to everyone one in need of a little ho ho ho. And yes, some extra dough will be placed in appropriate places. Does that count as a tradition?

  5. I am an interior designer, ASID member. Looking for a source for wallpaper by Angele Parlange. Can you help?

  6. Hello, love your site!
    One little comment on the traditions above: In Holland we celebrate "Sinterklaas" or Saint Nicholas. On the 5th of December (his birthday) children place their shoe by the fireplace (in our case the frontdoor, because we don't have a fireplace) with something in it for the horse of the saint (a carrot, sugarcubes etc.) and in the morning there a presents in their shoes!! The part of the "suprises" is true, but on the 5th of december too, it's for the "big children" (ages 8/9-99) who know about who's actually buying the presents! It's a perfect opportunity to put all your comments in a fynny verse, so nobody gets mad at you for saying so!
    I loved to read about the traditions in other coutries! Some very lovely things to put in our own Christmas celebrations!!

  7. May I be a little picky? St Lucia´s on December 13th, not the 14th. And we actually start celebrating here on Advent 1st, when we decorate with stars and candles in the windows, and glögg and ginger bread cookies in our bellies.

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