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Well scrub my floorboards and call me a meringue! Did I fall asleep and dream up an online store? GollyGosh has got to be the cutest little  shop on the web…

love our homes. And we love our families and friends (especially when
they do funny things). And we figure that in the modern world it’s
sometimes easy to forget how important they are. But back in the 1940’s
and 50’s (and a few other years around that time) they had much more
time to remember (there wasn’t much else to do back then apparently).
And so, we realised that lots of the values they held way back then, we
hold now. With that in mind, and a deep love of buying nice things for
our homes and ourselves, we thought we’d trade in our nice cosy jobs
and spend our days doing nice cosy things for ourselves, and you, in an
old-fashioned styley…"

Go say hello and while you are there place an order for "Halving The HouseWork" because it sounds utterly wonderful…

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  1. Gina L says:

    I just had to comment about the floorboards/meringue. My husband when feel silly says something similar but it is far from housekeepers words, He says
    "Well, slap my dirty shirt, a grasshopper kicked my head in."
    Crazy man.

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