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One of the tenets of the BrocanteHome way of life has always been gratitude so when I happened across Good List Daily joining was something of a no-brainer because here was a site with a community offering tiny daily thank-you’s in a way that I could relate to.
Gratitude, like I have always said is a habit, but it is a habit we can be quick to forget when life shimmy’s her stuff a little bit too vigorously in front of us, so anything that provides the gentlest of prods has got to be a good thing, which is where Good List Daily comes in for an egotistical little harlot like me. Because clearly it isn’t enough for me to note down my thank-you’s in the gratitude journal on my bedside. Hell no. Me, I need the glory of other lovely people saying ooooh yes, good idea, now there’s I little something I should be grateful for too. That and the daily perusal of other peoples lists, to remind me to keep on sweating the teeny-tiny stuff that really does pass un-noticed.

The site is basic, easy to browse and deliciously pleasing on the eye, but best of all, she in charge, Crystal Pirri is an absolute doll, with lists of her own that really do spark one’s imagination and a way with a paintbrush that brings personality and charm to each of the lists submitted. You see every member who care’s enough to sign up, receives a scrumptious little list logo all of her own (see mine above), as well as a page on which all her lists live, so one can look back and merely by gratitude alone chart the ups and downs of our days.
All that and once a month Crystal pulls all the lists together and picks a few from her contributors and others from carefully chosen guests to feature in a Good List Daily Digest packed full of thank-you’s, reasons to be grateful’s and glad to be alives…
Am I raving? I apologise. It’s been a while since I felt I’d found a home on the web outside Brocante, and this my Darlings seems to be it. I only wish I had the waist Crystal seems to imagine I am blessed with…
Do come and submit your own lists won’t you?
P.S: I hate me for typing “no-brainer” too. It just slipped out.

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