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No. Not Jack Johnson. (Though he  is: note gratuitous and  utterly irrelevent picture.)

My morning. Scrumptiously gorgeous.

Mark and Finn have gone for the shopping with a list. The world is trying to snow through the bright mid morning sun and I have nowhere to go and nothing to do this morning, so I couldn’t be happier…

An hour ago I sat in my candlelit living room (It’s always, always dark in my house. Sad but cosy),  with a terracotta bowl full of greek yoghurt, drowning in rose syrup and sprinkled with pistachio’s and a long glass of cranberry juice and mineral water, thrilled to pieces because although the ground is covered in frost, the first flower on my camelia is ready to  bloom.

And that means March is kind of marching forwards and the whole world will suddenly spring to  life again and we can throw off our cosy blankets and snuggly socks and make way for the scrumptious pastels of Easter eggs and buzzy-busy car boot sales and little girls in pale blue gingham dresses…

Every girl in Liverpool will don her best hat and tra la off to the Grand National and the Farmers Market won’t be the bitterly cold, let’s get it over and done with experience that it has been all Winter. I will be able to hang things on my washing-line again, and sit and have morning coffee on my doorstop as the world goes by calling out Hello! Everywhere will smell of lavender and lemons, and walks around the neighbourhood won’t seem like corporal punishment…

Because Spring is coming. It really is.

Now Dear Little Jack is singing about banana pancakes, (I’m so in love with him: don’t tell Mark!), I am wandering about with an apron tied over my nightie (I’m a bit mental aren’t I?) the windows are blowing a cool breeze through every room in the house, I’m packing my bag ready for the first batch of boot sales on sunday, and there is  batch  of  Chocolate Comfort Cake baking in the oven…

If every morning this season is as blissful as this one, then I think you will find I am going to be one happy bunny..


  1. You deserve such a scrumptious day, and many, many more! I hope that your lovely boys are going to bring you back treats amongst the shopping!
    I have been feeling just this way too, about spring and february, and my hyacinths coming out!
    Lots of happy hugs to you!

  2. Gina C says:

    I'm a big Jack Johnson fan, too! Hope you enjoyed the day.

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