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Because today is the day an entire country says thank-you. Because the sun is shining.  Because for once there aren’t fingermarks decorating the little panels of the dining room window. Because there is a rose scented candle burning on the mantle-piece and a happy little book about blogging winging it’s way to me all the way from America. Because my little boy is back at school after three days being poorly sick and Mommies have to say thank-you for respite from the kind of snuffly-nosed chatter that starts your day at the un-godly hour of 4.30am. Because he finally understands what there is to love about reading. And I finally understand what there is to love about cheesecake. Because I know you should never start a sentence with because, but rules are made to be broken. Because some days you just feel like donning an asses head and that’s all there is to it.
Because somebody invented the internet and Gavin and Stacey is back on tonight. Because my Mum and Dad live just around the corner. Because the world didn’t stop spinning when I found myself car-less twelve months ago and occasionally a person needs a little reminder about what her legs are for. Because spring onions are divine and there is a line in a song called Blasphemy that makes me want to cry. Because when life gives me lemons I taught myself to channel Doris Day.Because, though I suspect I’m not very good at it, blogging still makes me want to jump about with joy after five whole years. Because I really, really love Fry’s Chocolate Creams and the chain metal necklace I bought for a song. Because even though said chain metal necklace gives me a rash I am too vain to care.
Because all of a sudden Finley won’t kiss me goodbye when I leave him at the classroom door and pride and grief make my heart bang as I hover around making sure he doesn’t remember and look up to find me gone. Because I could live on red pepper omelettes and couldn’t live without the scent of lavender on my pillow. Because I’m all growed up now and know who I want to be. Because next year there will be changes. Because once Kath told me off for saying “bloody” on the the playground and it made me giggle because some days I just can’t hold it in.
Because my ginger body lotion makes me smell like baked goods sprinkled with icing sugar and I am ashamed to admit to being addicted to True Blood. Because I drag my Mum around bookshops every Friday and bless her heart she never complains. Because a cup of tea fixes anything and Marks and Spencers Christmas washing up liquid is the scent of December. Because I’ve given up worrying about Christmas, because we can only do what we can do and children don’t care and you get to have everyone you love mostest in the world sitting around the table in truly silly hats. Because my hair is too curly to tolerate said silly hats.Because God invented little boys. Because both Russell Brand and I are in love though sadly not with each other. Because the Karvol I dab on Finleys pyjamas just after he falls asleep makes me want to pick him up and eat him.
Because some of you have become such good friends and I don’t tell you often enough how very much I appreciate you. Because my cinnamon scented Christmas box is filling up with gifts to be wrapped and I have accumulated a little pile of festive novels to be read snuggled up in the kind of nightie that was clearly designed to scare horses and I couldn’t give a hoot. Because Finley is till scared of orangeade, my darling sister and the entire population of France. Because you can’t beat a nice sweet potato and I wish I could see what tomorrow holds. Because I still get scared and I’m utterly fearless. Because contradiction becomes me and speaking without thinking is part of who I am. Because some days I wish I could be seven all over again, with a bag of penny mix in my hand and a scab on my knee.Because The Wizard of Oz is still as wonderful as it ever was. If ever it was, (because, because). Because!
Happy Thanksgiving my Darlings.

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