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Habitat’s new book "Love Your Home" is simply fabulous. Declaring itself as "accessible, joyful and anti-coffee table", it is the antithesis of so many of the glossy, essentially empty books published within the interior design sector…

I ache to read about how others create  their homes, mostly because I don’t necessarily want my opinions swayed by images of rooms I wouldn’t feel comfortable in (MY TASTE IS NOT YOURS!), nor do I want to spend money on countless images of beautiful houses, without some accompanying, intelligent, writing to kick off my own personal thought stream.

Last weeks Saturday Times Magazine was dedicated to interiors: I just love it when the broadsheets address interiors mostly because their approach to it is always more analytical than most of the home magazines on the stands, and generally includes articles steeped in pseudo-intellectual wisdom-which while often pretentious is always fun to read…

So to find a book that is stuffed full of strictly non-glossy real life imagery and analyzes our need for "home" alongside the fripperies of home life, is a joy I usually only feel when the weekend papers land on my doorstep…

"Love your home is not a wishy washy sentiment or a command, but a rallying call, a manifesto for all of us who believe that home is where the heart is. After all, where we live is central to our wellbeing…"

For a taste of what it’s about, consider the chapter headings below: without doubt a fabulous recipe for re-considering how we should think about the space in which we live…







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