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  1. Alison, I do admire your honesty re. facial hair, but darling, never, ever compare youself to the walking car-crash that is Amy Whinehouse! Apart from her burns, what's with the prison tatts?! As for M&S, so glad you are a happy customer, if only you had an inkling of the work that goes on behind the scenes. A mummy wickeder than you? Jackiey Goody. YUK! The complete antithesis of the wonderful mother you are.

  2. You're right, I should invite some friends over forthwith and my house would get clean in a jiff!
    We used to have M&S here in Canada; there was one in my local shopping mall. It closed up years ago and I still miss it! I couldn't get out of there without buying a bag of Wine Gums. I recently gave up candy so I'm over that, but their Christmas Cake and frozen foods I still crave.
    Have a fun time with your guest(s)!

  3. Your description is always so good, it creates such a clear picture in my mind.
    Why is it that we can kick ourselves into gear for visitors but not just for ourselves.
    I really should have people over more often.
    Racheal x

  4. How funny! At times I totally flip out when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. I want my home to all cosy and rosy for my family, and for anyone who so wishes to drop on by. I would love to just tell people, "Oh please just come on by anytime you'd like." That would be nice. Ok, Alison, I'm joining you today. Maybe then I can have a friend or two over tonight!

  5. Ooh I want to know who's coming too? Anyway you can't possible be worse than "old Terrible Mother" here. And you know what, I picked up a tub of Jolen bleach the other day but put it back thinking it surely must only be for old ladies. But after close inspection I fear I need it after all! Hope you enjoy your sparkly house and mystery guest. xx

  6. Oh I am a wickeder mummy than thou? or something like that… I miss M&S and Boots and WHSmith, nothing like that here in the south of france 🙁

  7. Don't forget to add a sign:
    if you want to see me come anytime, to see my house only by appointment!
    Thanks for the tongue in cheek stories.
    Have a nice week-end!

  8. Perhaps its just an American thing but the worst mommy here – Joan Crawford and I am sure you are not nearly as mean as she was depicted.

  9. I was going to say Mommy Dearest (Joan Crawford) too…my girlfriend and I used to re-enact the movie and scream "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!"…we thought it was funny…and, a friend of mine from college used to call her facial hairs "beard hairs" and that has stuck with me throughout life. I still have beard hairs popping up now and then. I have a couple that I refer to as "Bill & Judy". Nothing's ever wrong in their world (or it would appear so!) Bill and Judy have the perfect Christmas card, the perfect kids, the perfect most fabulous days. I would like to know what goes on behind Bill & Judy's doors…hmmmm? Have fun!

  10. I must be just a dumb Okie but I want to know more about what Marks and Spencer is. Is it a grocery store or megastore or?
    We mostly just turn to Wal-mart when we need stuff.
    Have Wal-marts made to England yet?

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