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  1. P.S. Alison, Of course, you should have the Batman paper plates. Actually, technically speaking, NOTHING could be more vintage than Batman. He is definitely a hero of the generation of things we are admiring@@@!!! (BUT if little Finley loved Sponge Bob, I'd say go for the Squar Pants thing, too…. Little BOYS RULE!)

  2. Enjoy and revel in every precious moment of Finn's life. They grow so fast and in the blink of an eye they have flown the nest. My baby boy will be 25 next birthday and I have no idea where all those years went. They are ours for such a short time. Enjoy and God Bless your beautiful family !

  3. What a little punkin'…and his little belly is smaller from all the good food you're able to fill him with. He looks wonderful and so happy.
    Enjoy your Batman day!

  4. Happy Birthday Finn!
    I can remember my daughters 2 year old birthday party. She is a big talker, almost non-stop, but that day with all the people and presents, she didn't even made a peep.

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