Happy Birthday Mark.


Goodness we look like twins here don’t we? Scary.

Contrary to the rumours you have be en spreading, today you will be thirty three and not thirty two: a fact Mister, I’m afraid you are just going to have to live with…

But matter not. You are still my lobster.

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  1. Belated Birthday wishes to you Mark ~ I hope you had a terrific day.
    Hey Alison, just last night I dreamt you guys were getting married and you were trying to decide on whether or not to wear a veil (which was a lovely piece of antique lace). And I was there helping you decide.
    How WEIRD is that? Yes I know, I need to get out more *lol*

  2. ooh, yet another capricorn in blogland. Happy birthday to a fellow Capricorn who is a little younger than I. Hope it was wonderful, Mark – may 2006 be filled with all the things that are important.

  3. Blimey! I had no idea you two were back together Alison! I`m very happy for you.
    I havent logged in for months and I remember distinctly the upset you were going through after your break up as I myself had just been dumped by a Mark and could feel some of your pain. I didnt get back with mine but have since found a lovely bit of all right so it`s kind of funny how things have a way of righting themselves.
    All the best me dear, lol
    pinky xxxxxxxxxxx

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