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  1. I am so pleased you enjoyed your birthday, I love birthdays and cant wait for Wednesday when we will be celebrating Johns birthday, and Thursday, when we will be celebrating my birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Alison!
    Sounds like you had a great time celebrating – good for you! Looking forward to the energy/sugar rush that should surely follow chocolate egg consumption, and your being able to fill us in in more detail…..?!

  3. My daughter’s birthday was yesterday (23rd) and I’m in recovery mode today also =) Funny you mention wrinkles by the eyebrows… this weekend I was trying desperately to pluck a few hairs that just CAN’T be wrikles – but, sure enough, they were! Dang. Happy Birthday! Blessings… Polly

  4. ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, SQUASHED TOMATOES AND STEW..etc, etc ad nauseaum. Can you tell we’re the same age yet??? Seriously though, glad you had such a fab time, will look forward to more stories on a similar theme? x

  5. I just adore birthdays – my own in particular! LOL I’m so happy you have had a lovely birthday. I was hoping it would be just perfect!

  6. Happy Birthday from a fellow Piscean (sadly I turned 47 this year and have more whiskers than you!). It sounds like you had a fab time! Your parents are stars, support from them is so important. So,will we be hearing more about the man you adored as a teenager?

  7. Feliz Cumpleanos Alison! So glad you had a great one! Birthdays are surely scrumptious and it’s great you made the most of yours!
    Hugs from the U.S.A.

  8. Happy belated birthday!
    Mine always passes just like any other day, with MAYBE a "Happy Birthday" in the evening from dh… once every few years, my mother even remembers a quick "Happy Birthday" phone call…
    So I love hearing about other people's fun on their birthdays!

  9. Fab. you had a birthday,,,would love to have been invited….I might be nearly 50 but let me tell you I would have enjoyed all the things you did even more so had I been in your and family/friends company….you are forever young at heart…..happy days…

  10. Oooohhh! How positively yummy! Happy, happy Birthday, dear Alison! May you have many more days and years just like your special celebration this year! Bless your wonderful parents! God Bless you, too! With Much Affection!

  11. Birthdays are great when acknowledged with friends/family who love you. You are blessed, Alison. It was lovely of you to share your memories of your special day. Belated Happy Birthday.
    Jacquie x

  12. Many Happy returns Miss Alison..thanks for all you give to us…and big hugs for your Mum and Dad..they made it all possible:)

  13. I'm a little late but – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous time as all 36 year olds should(says one to another!) So are you going to tell us more about the man you adored as a teenager? x

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