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  1. Alison, I'm glad you can take all of the tasteless comments in stride. Your readers would do well to follow your example.

  2. Have you ever thought about tightening the comments function? Or maybe establishing rules of posting etiquette, then deleting comments or banning people who don't follow them? It's not just the blatant rudeness that bothers me – even things like Amber's "poo on that granny" comment are uncalled for. You'd have to decide, though, where to draw the line.

  3. Hmm, is it possible to feel both old and young at the same time? I'm so new to blogging that I'm just learning all the in's, out's, pro's, con's and importantly the etiquette. But I'm old enough to remember when my work computer was shared with several other gals; Everything was done by keystroke (does anyone else remember Shift F7, 1?); Windows – ha!; The fonts were Amber and Green, only; Floppy Disks really were floppy; There were no pictures on computers – at least not in my law office world; Our "mouse" was the ability to go page up and page down using the quick "home home up/down" feature; We had to tear the edge off the paper after it printed; and "the internet" was a term only the geekest of guys wearing horn-rimmed glasses knew. Has it really already been 10 years since blogging was born??? Oh my… Once upon a time I was the youngest girl in the office…
    (p.s. I'm all for reviewing content before a post can be viewed. Why pass along someone else's bad day?)

  4. Alison, one time you put up an article about how to measure progress in one's life. Here's another example of how far you've come since the "Alyssa" days (anyone remember that debacle?). You seem to finally be coming into your own and are a model of tact and grace. Can't say the same for a number of your readers, though. I'm all for comment moderation, too.

  5. Yes, "Count Your Blessings," so true, so true. You would think that with so many people who comment here running blogs of their own, they would realize the effects of thoughtlessly shooting off their mouths. Oh well, what-ever……

  6. Hi Alison,
    Thanks for letting me know that YOU know which Nancy I am. Apparently SOME of the commenters here don't since I have been subjected to the ugly troll attack. Oh well, even ugly people need attention, huh?
    As long as you and I are square, that spineless mollflanders/tiredofitall/anotherlurker can go suck an egg.
    Hugs to you and Fin!

  7. Nancourt, as another lady said, why pass along your bad day to others? You sound very bitter and frustrated, and although it's regrettable that someone has taken exception with you, your tone detracts from the lovely atmosphere that Alison has tried to create here. Please do try to be civil and respect the other ladies who wish to come here for a pleasant gathering. There are far better ways of expressing yourself.

  8. Man, where is Miss Manners when you need her? To paraphrase Helen (who put it so aptly), why oh why oh why offer comments that add nothing to the discussion and only make you appear to be very silly and angry?

  9. I just followed Nancourt's link, and must say that she does have something to be upset about. As for the way she speaks to people here, I guess as long as Alison doesn't have a problem with it, none of us should, either.

  10. Sorry Alison.
    As for Jean and the other trolls, just know that while you are pointing your fingers at me saying I speak ugly to folks, you have four pointing back at you.
    Alison knows I am not the one stirring up the stink. In your attempt to come off as holier than thou, YOU are keeping her site uglied up. Stop it.
    I only posted openly the first time so Ali would know the name might be the same but not the person. She already knew but it did not stop the creep(s) from doing exactly the same thing to me on my site.
    Holier than thou and guilty as sin. I am thinking the original ugly post by that nancy person is from the same person who keeps posting here under different anonymous names. You CAN be traced….
    Look in the mirror, trolls…and stop dragging this site through your muck.

  11. I have only been blogging since Feb. and before that didn't even realize what they could be. I never looked at any. I only started mine because it was more simple than putting up a website. I had no IDEA at all what a wonderful social network it would become for me, or that I would meet such great people.

  12. I don't quite understand why people feel that it is okay to be nasty or spiteful ~ I just hope I don't get any commenters like that visiting my blog anytime soon. I love your site, Alison, site and visit everyday ~ I've clicked on some lovely sites from your links and it looks like I may well have found another one, Nancourt, and from her site Karla!!!
    Kind regards to you all!

  13. It's fab isn't it?
    And I'm constantly amazed by the number of intelligent and culturally-aware people who are completely ignorant of the blogosphere's existence and think I'm quite mad…

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