Happy New Year

By Alison January 1, 2024 4 Comments 2 Min Read

May 2024 bring you all that you need to thrive, without asking you to rip your heart out in the process. May you discover parts of yourself you barely knew existed and may you keep hope gripped tight in your hand on even the gloomiest of days. May you laugh just because. Let yourself cry when good reason knocks on your door and believe that there is much more goodness in this world, than there will ever be evil.

May your days glow with gentle joy and your nights be blessed with meaning. May there always be someone to hold you when you are scared and to cheer with you when there is something to celebrate. Someone who is rooting for you when you cannot summon up the strength to root for yourself. Friends that make you laugh till you cry. Lovers that remind you that there is a side of you, you have been too eager tuck away. Strangers that brighten your day with a smile.

May you create beauty. May there be views that inspire awe, and food that nourishes you, children that make you laugh and wise people you always will take the time to listen to. May you be willing to learn, to let yourself be vulnerable, to say sorry, and I love you and I will always love you. No matter what. May you learn, Sweetheart, that it is ok to ask for help. To say “I can’t”. Or “I don’t want to“. To say this isn’t for me, but I do know what is and I’m going to chase it, manifest it, nay, will it into life because it matters. Because I matter. Even on the days when I can barely look myself in the mirror.

May you be brave. May you let go of all that turned out not to be for you. Forgive those who didn’t know better and yes, may you learn to forgive yourself. To embrace your flaws, your secret shame and your ugly sorrows. May those you have hurt have the grace to forgive you. May you allow yourself to pause, teach yourself to bite your lip, embrace the teeniest of pleasures and fill your days with all that makes your heart skip a beat because life is short and joy matters and love is all we have got. 

Above all else, may you be kind and may you love yourself, for all your scars and misdemeanours, and live and love with fierce determination. May 2024 be your year and mine. May it be for all of us, the kind of blessing that feels like a hug.

Happy New Year. Oh, yes. The happiest of New Years to you.


  1. Karen Doerhoff says:

    Sending you and Finn so many blessings for the new year, dear Alison! 💖

    1. Courtney Eskridge says:

      This is such a a gift for all of us and I thank you so precious Alison!

  2. Shannon Rolfe says:

    This is just so lovely! Thank you for blessing us with goodness and beauty. Hugs!

  3. Susan Pawlicki says:

    Seconding Shannon’s comments above–and the same to you!

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