Happy Vintage Household Hints.

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Slice a lemon in half and leave it sitting onthe draining board before you go away for a day or two. You will return to a scrumptiously fresh  kitchen…
The torn pages of a book can be repaired by smearing the tear lightly  with the white of an egg and leaving it to dry…

Clean dis-coloured gilt by rubbing it with a cloth soaked in water in which two onions have been boiled until tender.
Polishing tiles with a mixture of full milk and water will keep the glaze glossy.

Clean diamonds with gin.
Sprinkling talcum powder on the floor where ants are prone to run will deter the bothersome little mites.
Fill the base of your household bins with salt to counteract bad smells in warm weather.
Line the base of doormats with newspaper to catch the dirt.
Fold sheets and tablecloths in a different way everytime you launder them, to prevent wear and tear along folds.
Old tarnished oil paintings can be cleaned with a onion sliced in half.  Rub the cut surface in small circular motions over the painting, slicing the onion as it absorbs the dirt.
Water a sad looking potted plant with cold tea for a day or two. The minerals will give it a boost.
Tie bundles of chalk together with ribbon and hang from your wardrobe rails to absorb musty odours.

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