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  1. Oh, tough luck Allison.
    My kids love the speed bumps too…we have six on the way to nursery and four on the way to Grannies…which is why the first word my children spoke was "BUMP!"
    Thank goodness for cheques in the mail however! Gill.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a day gone awry. I'm so glad you received the unexpected check – sorry you had to use it for unexciting things. And glad too that your Dad came to the rescue.

  3. Ce n'est pas parce qu'on rit que c'est drôle: It's not because we laugh that it's funny. You had luck in your misfortune. I'm glad you received that cheque… Who knows, maybe a guardian angel is looking over you!

  4. I have peeked here so many times..It's insane..
    I have copied and pasted your blog to share so many times too!
    I just have to say..I love it all!
    Thanks for everything!

  5. Ah, tis life! No sooner do we get a tax refund, that we "discover" something needs to be fixed with the car or house! At least now you have the money to fix it! That's how I try and see it!

  6. Grrr cars! I just had to fork out for a new abs ring ???? £120,so who was the woman? did you meet her eventually?

  7. This made me proper laugh out loud and nearly snort my morning tea out of my nose! I have visions of you and your friend crumbled in the back of the transit wetting yourselves laughing?! I would be! I have found myself in this kind of bizarre scenario more times than I can mention, mostly with my Mum, and we can look back and still split our sides about every one – you will too! And funny old thing fate… not just the cheque, but you didn't want to meet that woman anyway did you??!!
    Just wait until your little boy gets old enough to roll his eyes at you in dismay – like my daughter does all the time! Bless your Dad.

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