Holiday Snaps

By Alison July 29, 2014 1 Comment 1 Min Read

People I’m home, but as Helen is home with us we are continuing our little holiday here until tomorrow afternoon, so today we are off to Albert Dock to sit at the waterside and drink cloudy lemonade. In the meantime, as I haven’t got enough time to write a full post about my trip to Oxford and London, I thought I would share a few snaps….
First up, from yesterday at Southport fair: my family and other animals- Gabriel, Finley and Helen…
new extensiion
And next Helen’s lovely new extension…
vv roul
This from the glorious ribbon emporium that is V.V. Rouleaux where we shopped for trimmings for Helens wedding…
Our little Clarry sitting on the armchair that is Helen’s pride and joy…
irregular choice
Shoes to die for at Irregular Choice
convent garden
Gorgeous flowers at Covent  Garden,,,
And finally me… tanned and relaxed after a lovely weekend away. 

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  1. Angel Jem says:

    Oh that post holiday feeling! How good is that? And to continue it at home as well is lovely. Go enjoy, and hopefully the weather will stay good!

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