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  1. Sound advice Alison and what I would have said myself. This is not the time for scaremongering, this is the time to be sensible, and make sure that our own households are in order and our hygiene practices are running seamlessly. It is time to listen to government advice whether we agree with those in power at other times or not. It is time to love our family members and make sure that our children do not become panicked and to make sure our elderly are well cared for and protected as best we can. It is time to understand that being selfish and emptying store shelves is not the answer, there should be plenty for everyone, if people would not succumb to greed and fear. If we are advised to stay home and away from school, sporting events, concerts and the like or even just visiting friends, then we should heed the advise and stay home. Life is precious, and we must do all we can to stay calm, and not add to the difficult situation that all governments of the world and people of the world are facing right now. Avoid silly news sites, avoid all the conspiracy theories out there and stay informed through the official sources. In other words keep calm and carry on.

  2. I am trying to understand why my sons school is STILL intending to take a party of children skiing in Northern Italy ( via Milan airport) in the easter holidays, just before the GCSEs start in May! Oh yes, it’s because the travel insurance won’t pay up until the FCO advises against ALL travel to Italy, not just 11 specific villages….

  3. Love, love, love!!! Thank you for standing on the side of sanity. Stress lowers the immune system but peace and love strengthens it. Praying for answers in the medical field and common sense from the rest of us!

  4. The fact that people need to be reminded at all to wash their hands/cover up when coughing or sneezing baffles me. Were they not brought up like I was? My late mother was a nurse so perhaps personal hygiene was something drilled into my brother and I more than is usual, Thank goodness I work from home. I feel for those are can’t. I’m sure the London Underground hasn’t been cleaned since 1897 ……. now there’s a Spring cleaning project for you!
    Stay safe and well.

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