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  1. I am a homebody also. It takes my family a lot to pry me out of the house, but the minute I’m on the road, I start to enjoy myself.

  2. I love time away from home, and a week is just long enough to get you thinking about what you want to do in the house and not long enough to frustrate you because you have all the ideas and aren’t there!
    Go and enjoy the break; sit and tickle the sand with your toes and please, oh please, get tiddly tipsy at least once. You have my permission, and my permission is worth a lot!

  3. You’ll have a ball and come home to love your cottage even more. I hope the weather cooperates while you are there.

  4. Gads, we are so much alike. Well, you’ll need a really really really good book to take your mind off of being on vacay. A very gentle laxative (sorry but the bathroom problems are REAL, people) Paper and pen so you can still write. A project to do…I know seems weird. But a scrapbook project, or a sewing project will help you feel like you are still being productive. Mentally go though a day and see what you can not possibly live without that you can possibly take with you (a fan, pillow, etc) Take lots of photos so you can make a scrapbook of your time. Better yet make it as you go! Good Luck! I leave next week too and dreading it 😉

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