Home Is Where The Heart Is.

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If you are lucky enough to own "The Sensual Home" by Ilse Crawford, then you will know what an amazing, skilful writer she is. Designer of both Babington House in Somerset and Soho House in New York (with the roof top pool, as seen in Sex and The City), Ilse was the launch editor of Elle Deco and more recently vice president of Donna Karen Home,  consultant colourist to Dulux and designer of a range of mirrored furniture to die for.

It is rare to come across writing about decorating that doesn’t "dumb down": rarer still to find writing that takes you so deep into a subject we all take for granted, that we are inspired to re-assess everything we know about it.

I bought "The Sensual Home"  three or four years ago and on the way home from the bookshop, found myself stroking the soft fuzzy grey cover, just as I suppose, Ilse intended I should. When I settled down to read it I found myself utterly thrilled by her ideas on how to satisfy our sensual selves within our own four walls, but more than that blown away by the joy of the beautiful language that inspires me everytime I pick it up.

Now Ilse has a new book out, "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and readers, I promise you, if it is as good as the first it will be more than worth it and by the sounds of Amazons book description it will be a book you will treasure…

"In a rapidly changing world and with increasingly difficult and stressful lives, what we all need is a sanctuary where we can feel comforted, tranquil and content. In Home Is Where the Heart Is, celebrated designer Ilse Crawford looks beyond pure aesthetics to pursue a philosophy of reclaiming and reintegrating the human element into our homes.
With the premise that "the more virtual our world becomes, the more we need the physical," Crawford investigates our basic human drives for survival, safety, love, respect and self-fulfillment and then expands this into how we live, our homes and our daily activities.
As she writes in her introductory essay, "What drives us as human beings? What are those basic building blocks of human behavior that make us alike, the things that make us human? We need the functionality of the technological age but we want a sense of humanity, of home, a space that speaks to us both rationally and emotionally. We want to be modern but we want to be human too."
A unique mix of provocative text and evocative photography, this volume combines thoughtful essays on our individual needs and our daily activities with practical information on architecture, design, and furnishings. The end result is a lavish and inspirational edition that will challenge our perception of what a home can be."

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